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About Me
I have been creating flameworked beads in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle since 2005.  My work has been featured in Bead Review 2.  I have done glass testing for Creation is Messy, and my beads can be seen on their website at 
  The dichro stringers and dichro shards in my store are my creation and can be found no where else!  These are a wonderful, worry-free way to add the sparkle of dichro to your lampwork without the usual hassle of working with dichroic glass.  All the dichro is double encased so no more worries about scumming.
Glass is my sanity!  In my "other life" I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in a busy community practice.  Caring for children is my passion.  Our children are our future, and the most precious beings in our worlds.  I feel it is an honor that parents will trust me to care for their children and their families, and work every day to provide the best care I can.  While the work is not as physically demanding as my former job as an ER nurse was, it can be mentally exhausting at times.  I love the zen-like relaxation that comes from working with molten glass in the flame - nothing like concentrating on keeping hot glass in place to take your mind off of a bad day!
I created my line of Autism/Aspergers Awareness jewelry to help spread awareness of these disorders that will affect 1 out of every 166 children.  My son Gene has Aspergers Disorder so spreading awareness of these disorders is very personal for me.  I also create Awareness jewelry for other causes that have personal meaning to me such as Breast Cancer, and I hope to have pieces promoting awareness of Sexual Assault and Child Abuse in the future as I see much of this in my daily work.